Observations of an Aspiring Traveler

I visited Europe for the first time on a school trip when I was 17. While the other students in the group were queueing up at MacDonalds for a taste of home within the first few days, I teamed up with a brave companion and together, we ventured forth in search of something different, something… Continue reading Observations of an Aspiring Traveler

To Be or Not To Be

My ovaries are filled with eggs. By some stroke of fate, not all of them were created equal. One quarter are normal, carrying the potential to create a genetically sound offspring. One quarter are do not contain enough genetic material and are completely fucked—no embryo formed from one of these eggs could grow into a… Continue reading To Be or Not To Be

Silent Spring and my evolving thoughts on organics.

Hello there! Now that summer's in full swing here in Ontario, it's been a bit more of a challenge to find time to sit down and write. We only get so many days here when going outside with exposed skin is an option, and this Southern girl needs to drink up all the sunshine she… Continue reading Silent Spring and my evolving thoughts on organics.

My first Shoreline Clean-up!

As those of you who've tried to find volunteer opportunities as a full-time working adult can attest, sometimes getting involved with local organizations can be pretty tough, especially if you can't check that box for open availability. All this notwithstanding the bone-chilling prospect of making small-talk with strangers. Eek! I've had some ups and downs… Continue reading My first Shoreline Clean-up!

Can we do better by captive critters in North America? Parks, zoos, and animal sanctuaries

Happy Earth Day, Y'all! For many folks in my generation, a large portion of our connections with wildlife were forged at zoos and theme parks. My personal love for the ocean was kindled just as much at SeaWorld as it was during my time on the beach with my family.  During high school, I spent… Continue reading Can we do better by captive critters in North America? Parks, zoos, and animal sanctuaries

Introducing “On the Origin of the Species”

Now that I have a few posts under my belt, I've decided to kick it up a notch and develop a plan to tackle one of the biggest sources in my current curriculum: On the Origin of  Species by Means of Natural Selection, by Charles Darwin. Although Darwin's work was originally published in 1859, it still remains… Continue reading Introducing “On the Origin of the Species”