A Quill of Conservation: The Cirriculum

Happy new year everyone, and welcome to A Quill of Conservation, my experiment in self-guided conservation studies! As you may have guessed, I'm a bona-fide bibliophile. Though a bit antiquated, I still firmly believe that the best way to acquaint yourself with a new subject is through a tall stack of well-chosen books. I've drawn the… Continue reading A Quill of Conservation: The Cirriculum

Taking the First Steps

Hello readers, and welcome to a Quill of Conservation. I'm Kim, a writer by trade and a nature-lover at heart. The natural world always fascinated me, whether searching for worms, crickets, and roly-polies under rocks in my grandparents' yard, catching craw-dads in the creek when we visited family in the mountains, looking for tracks in the woods where my father hunted, or combing the beach for sand-dollars with my mother when we vacationed by the sea. More than anything, that girl wanted to be a marine biologist...